Monday, March 12, 2012


So it's Monday. Bleh. First Monday after "daylight savings" time change...we lost an hour. Double bleh. I mean really, what is the purpose of this anymore?!? Sometimes doing things just because we've always done it.... is stupid. (can you tell I'm grouchy?)
Nothing created today other than a mess in my kitchen which I refuse to photograph and share with the world wide web....even tho it totally goes with the name of my blog "1 Creative Mess" or Stephanie's Messy Corner  :P   I hope YOU were more creative with your time today.

....I'm feeling a bit "mini-album-ish" lately. I haven't worked on one since Christmas. Perhaps a mini album is in the works soon.  We'll see.  (my mind changes like a blinking light so stay never know what's going to pop out)  :)


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