Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ok nothing crafty but I did MAKE something LOL  I am much addicted to Pinterest and have decided to try some of the recipes and other stuff I've pinned (I will be making my own laundry soap now that I'll have my own washer and dryer. Hang on let me say that again.... my OWN washer and dryer....boy that feels great. I've always used the "laundrymat" here for the last 11 years....can't wait for my OWN washer and dryer). Ok enough about me. Let's talk PANCAKES!!!

I pinned this recipe (here's my Pinterest link)   for whole wheat oat pancakes. Sugar free. I LOVE me some pancakes but they do bad things to my blood sugar and I feel sick after eating them. Soooo I've had to stay away...until now.    Here is the RECIPE LINK    from weelicious.  I followed her recipe exactly and it turned out insanely delicious. My apartment smells like I baked cookies or something. (next time I may add cinnamon and vanilla, a tiny tiny bit tho). I ate one straight away and had to phone my mom (she's diabetic and I know she loves pancakes too so she will get this recipe tomorrow, I printed one for her).  

Below is my picture of the first two pancakes I made from this recipe, don't judge my wonky shape LOL They were DELICIOUS!!  I am freezing the rest (made about 12 regular "adult" sized pancakes).

Happy eating!

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